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Appreciating Asperger Syndrome: Looking at the Upside with 300 Positive Points

media cover image

Book - Appreciating Asperger Syndrome: Looking at the Upside with 300 Positive Points

by: Brenda Boyd

About the author:

Brenda Boyd is the author of the highly acclaimed "Parenting a Child with Asperger Syndrome." She is in a unique position to understand Asperger Syndrome, as she has a diagnosis of Aspergers herself, and works for the National Autistic Society. She is the mother of Kenneth Hall, a teenager who has the condition, and Kenneth is the author of the ever popular "Asperger Syndrome, the Universe and Everything". Brenda has been involved in the world of Asperger Syndrome for many years and regularly gives talks to promote understanding of this unique, intriguing, but often misunderstood condition. She can be contacted at For further information about Asperger Syndrome, please contact the National Autistic Society on

ISBN: 978-1-84310-625-8

Year: 2009

Publication Info: Paperback: 222 pages
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (February 2009)
Language: English


In many respects, Asperger Syndrome (AS) has a more negative image than it deserves, and often this is because of the challenge it represents to other people. In this book, Brenda Boyd challenges negative perceptions of AS and shows that, in the right circumstances and with the right attitude, a diagnosis of Aspergers can be viewed as a positive experience.Exploring 300 different characteristics of AS, Boyd acknowledges the negative perceptions of these characteristics but goes on to advocate the large number of advantages to the Aspergers way of thinking for individuals with AS, those around them and society as a whole. For every negative, Boyd proves there are many more positives. From their refreshing honesty to their originality and potential to become leaders rather than followers, people with AS have many admirable personality traits. Boyd argues that, by adjusting our perceptions of what is ‘normal’ and embracing diversity, AS can genuinely be understood, accepted and appreciated.” Appreciating Asperger Syndrome” is an insightful celebration of AS which should be read by anyone who knows or works professionally with individuals with AS, and anyone with an interest in the subject.



Foreword. Part 1: Asperger Syndrome – Unlocking the Mystery. Introduction. 1. Bumping into Lamp Posts and Stepping on Toes. 2. Seeing Stars. 3. The Big Umbrella. 4. Wrong Planet Syndrome. 5. The Decoding Approach. 6. Labels and Boxes. 7. Getting it Right. 8. The Wilderness Years. 9. Aspergers and Autism? 10. Aspergers and Giftedness? 11. Identifying Hidden Aspies. 12. Happy Ending, Happy Beginning. 13. Thinking Positive! 14. Positive Philosophies. Part 2: Asperger Syndrome – 300 Positives (an A-Z). Aspie quotations. Useful websites. Bibliography. Index.



I agree that the first half of this book contains mostly a review of basic “what is asperger syndrome.” I selected this book, hoping for a postive viewpoint to share with school staff. The 300 positive points are nice (even though they are each related to a downside), and I wish they were available separately, for maybe $8 instead, or maybe as a pdf download? Then I could afford to give copies to everyone who works with aspies.

Interestingly, the audience of this book is people with Asperger Syndrome themselves, not the neurotypicals. From this perspective, I believe it might be quite helpful for boosting the self-esteem of my teenage aspies. Which is enough to earn it 4 stars in my book. By Sloan4 “Sloan4” (West Fargo, ND USA).


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