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Let’s All Listen Songs for Group Work in Settings that Include Students with Learning Difficulties and Autism

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Book - Let’s All Listen Songs for Group Work in Settings that Include Students with Learning Difficulties and Autism

by: Pat Lloyd
Foreword by Adam Ockelford

About the author:

Pat Lloyd is a qualified music therapist and teacher who has worked in the field of special needs for over 25 years, both in special schools and for the NHS. Her roles have ranged from music specialist teacher to Deputy Head. She currently works as an advanced skills teacher and music therapist at Heritage House School in Buckinghamshire, and also as a regional tutor for the University of Birmingham on the Webautism programme.

Adam Ockelford is a composer, performer, researcher and professor of music who has worked extensively with children with special needs. He gained a Ph.D. in music from Goldsmiths College, developing a theory of musical understanding and development. Adam is the Secretary for the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research ('SEMPRE'), Chair of Soundabout, a charity that supports music provision for children and young people with complex needs; and founder of The AMBER Trust, a charity that supports visually impaired children in their pursuit of music. He lives in London, UK.

ISBN: 978-1-84310-583-1

Year: 2007

Publication Info: 144pp


Music provides a unique and powerful means of promoting communication and social interaction in students with learning difficulties. In this collection, Pat Lloyd brings together 46 songs composed or adapted for use with children with communication problems.

Each of the songs features a vocal line and piano accompaniment and can be listened to on the audio CD included with the book. Simplified guitar versions are also provided for a selection of the songs. Pat Lloyd provides suggestions for how each song can be used and developed to encourage communication and social interaction, and lists a range of possible objectives for each one. Advocating a flexible approach, she demonstrates how musical activity can be adapted easily and successfully to the specific needs of individual students.

Enjoyable and easy to use, this is an ideal resource for specialist and non-specialist music instructors working to improve the communication and social skills of students with learning difficulties, including those with additional autism.



Foreword by Adam Ockelford, Professor of Music, University of Roehampton. Acknowledgements. Part 1: Introduction. Introduction. Guidance for use of the songs. Notes on the accompaniments and the CD. A brief background to interactive approaches in relation to the use of music. Intensive interaction. Music therapy. References. Part 2: Songs and Activities. 1. Let’s all listen. 2. School song. 3. Who is next taking turns? 4. Where is Chloe? 5. Going out! 6. Listen! 7. Five big elephants. 8. Taking turns with me. 9. Taking turns (for two students). 10. Let’s all find each other’s shoulders. 11. One monkey jumps up! 12. Make him jump up and down! 13. Whose sound? 14. What do you eat? 15. Two by two. 16. Five leaves on a tree. 17. Reach out. 18. Lorna play! 19. Let’s see what Lorna can do. 20. Playing on the tambourine. 21. Hello! 22. Hello! (2). 23. Let’s say hello. 24. Goodbye. 25. Shakers do this. 26. Adelaide’s got bells. 27. Hannah play the drum. 28. Fireworks. 29. Going up, going down. 30. Dancing round and round. 31. Holding hands and swaying. 32. Copy me! 33. Blues in action. 34. Susie puppet. 35. Jumping up. 36. Row boat. 37. Let’s all make the drum talk. 38. Bounce. 39. Windy weather. 40. Follow the leader. 41. Hiding game. 42. Play it slowly. 43. Sad and happy. 44. Rocking. 45. Let’s hear everyone! 46. My family. Suppliers and contacts. CD Track list.



Written by Pat Lloyd, a qualified music therapist and teacher, this complete resource contains activity guidance and a collections of songs specifically written with the needs of students with communication problems in mind. A vocal line, piano and guitar accompaniment plus suggestions for how each song can be sued and developed can be used by specialist and non-specialist music instructors. Included a CD featuring all 46 songs.


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