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A User Guide to the GF/CF Diet for Autism, Asperger Syndrome and AD/HD

media cover image

Book - A User Guide to the GF/CF Diet for Autism, Asperger Syndrome and AD/HD

by: Luke Jackson
Foreword by Marilyn Le Breton

About the author:

Luke Jackson is 13 years old and has three sisters and three brothers. One of his brothers has AD/HD, one is autistic and Luke has Asperger Syndrome.

Luke Jackson, Jacqui Jackson and the rest of their family were featured in a documentary on BBC2 which you can read about on the BBC website. Luke also recorded a column for BBC Radio 4's Home Truths programme. You can hear it online.

ISBN: 978-1-84310-055-3

Year: 2001

Publication Info: 176pp


What is the GF/CF diet? Does it work? What’s it like to go on it? In this user guide to the gluten and casein free diet, Luke Jackson, who is 12 years old and has Asperger Syndrome, tells you everything you need to know – both good and bad. The details of his first-hand experience of the diet show how it has improved the quality both of his own life and that of other members of the family. Jacqui Jackson, Luke’s mother, decided to try the diet for Luke and his two brothers – Joe who has AD/HD and Ben who has autism – and found the results to be highly rewarding: as Luke says, the diet `really can change people’s lives’.

Luke offers practical advice on topics such as what to expect when beginning the diet, tips for how to alleviate any initial discomfort, through to advice on how to rearrange the kitchen to avoid-cross contamination. The book includes quotes from other members of the family, a chapter by Luke’s mother on how to cope with the challenges of cooking for a family where some people are on the diet and others are not, along with a selection of the family’s favourite recipes. An extensive list of useful addresses and websites of suppliers, a food diary for an average week, and suggestions for packed lunches are also included, making the book a really practical source of information.

Luke’s message is one of unfailing encouragement. Despite the downsides, he and his family have no regrets about going on the diet. This positive and honest book is an important source of encouragement and advice for people whose lives are touched by autism, AS or AD/HD, for parents considering implementing the diet with their children, and for anyone on the diet, young or old.



Foreword by Marilyn Le Breton. 1. The Autistic Spectrum and the Diet by Jacqui Jackson. 2. Introduction to Moi. 3. The Diet in a Nutshell: (i) A bit of basic biology. (ii) Gluten and Casein. (iii) Foods to Avoid. (iv) Monosodium glutamate and aspartame 4. So What’s in it For Me? (i) Is it really worth the bother? (ii) What changes? 5. Starting Out: Let the Journey Begin. (i) First things First – clearing the decks. (ii) Does everyone have to do it? (iii) How and When? (iv) Withdrawals – the storm before the calm (v) Coping with withdrawals – a few helpful hints. (vi) Helpful hints for all. 6. Getting into the Diet – The Fog Begins to Lift. (i) And now the good bit: the storm passes. (ii) Routine and change. (iii) Sound sensitivities. (iv) Eye contact and facial expressions. (v) Textures and Sensitivities. (vi) Taste and smell. (vii) Tips for parents of smaller or less able autistic kids. (viii) For those with AS or parents of kids with AS. (ix) Tips for parents of ADHD kids. 7. Accidents Will Happen! Watch Out for Icebergs. 8. A Few Added Extras: Sailing into foreign ports. (i) Other intolerances. (ii) Candida. (iii) The Feingold diet. 9. Frequently Asked Questions. Appendix I. Implementing the Diet – A word from Mum. Appendix II. Recipes. Appendix III. A Week in the Life: Our Food Diary. Appendix IV. Packed Lunches. Appendix V. Dos and Don’ts of the Diet. Appendix VI. Prescription List. Appendix VII. UK Suppliers. Appendix VIII. US and non-UK Suppliers. Appendix IX. Useful Information and Websites. Appendix X. Further Reading. A Further Note.



This book is written by Luke Jackson, an exceptionally articulate 12 year old who has Asperger Syndrome. It describes his own experiences and those of his two brothers in implementing a GF/CF (gluten free, casein free) diet. This diet is currently advocated as one possible intervention aimed at improving behavioural aspects of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)… The book is written in a simple, anecdotal style, which is very readable and aimed at parents and individuals with ASD who are interested in trialling the diet. It is also a useful guide for dietitians and other professionals who may be asked for dietary advice, especially illustrating as it does, the potential and practical diversities of pre and post intervention behaviours in different individuals.


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