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An Exact Mind An Artist With Asperger Syndrome

media cover image

Book - An Exact Mind An Artist With Asperger Syndrome

by: Peter Myers, Simon Baron-Cohen and Sally Wheelwright

About the author:

Peter Myers's work has appeared in exhibitions all over the world and has been made into postcards. Peter has Asperger Syndrome and lives in York, working as a precision model maker.

Simon Baron-Cohen is Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at Cambridge University and a Fellow of Trinity College. He is also Director of the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge, and runs a clinic for adults with Asperger Syndrome.

Sally Wheelwright is Senior Research Associate at the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge.

ISBN: 978-1-84310-032-4

Year: 2004

Publication Info: 80pp


Peter Myers’ intricate and ornately patterned drawings are brought together for the first time in this volume, which is the fascinating result of the collaboration of an artist and two scientists. The beautiful, complex images (included in full-page colour as well as black and white reproductions) serve as a rare window into the precision and exacting creativity of the Asperger mind at work.
Peter Myers was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in 1996 and his work reflects his stunning ability to plan and to organise visual information, and to embed illusions within his pictures. Peter’s brief explanatory captions which accompany the images offer insight into the ways in which he composes his pictures.
In the main text of the book, psychologists Simon Baron-Cohen and Sally Wheelwright discuss the work’s great psychological significance, demonstrating in accessible language their ground-breaking systemizing theory of how the autistic mind processes information.



Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. About Peter. 2. Colour Plates. 3. An Artist who can teach Scientists. Further Reading.



This is a perfect marriage of awe inspiring artwork with an insight into the artists own thoughts on his creative process, and also a commentary by leading psychologists Simon Baron-Cohen and Sally Wheelwright. The commentary is especially illuminating as they explain the different psychological approaches that are currently en vogue and try and apply it to Peter. This highlights just how complex autism is to diagnose, let alone explain.


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