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We’re starting a blog and want to hear from you!

Hello,  I’m the administrator of the Asperger’s Society of Ontario’s blog.

As you can see the ASO is starting a blog. The goal of our blog is to engage, inform and inspire members of the Asperger’s community in Ontario. We hope to do this by sharing information and personal stories relating to Asperger’s Syndrome.

In order to be able to share stories relating to Asperger’s we need your help!

If you have Asperger’s Syndrome, are a parent, family member or friend of someone with Asperger’s then we want you to write to us. Maybe you’re a professional who has personal insights about Asperger’s? We want to hear from you too.

Perhaps you have a story about the gifts that accompany your Asperger’s? Perhaps you’ve built interesting strategies to deal with a neurotypical world? Maybe you have a story about a child or friend with Asperger’s who has helped you to see the world in a new way? Maybe you’re frustrated by challenges you have? Perhaps you know someone with Asperger’s who has unique talents and has made contributions to the community?

If you have any personal stories you would like to share, or story ideas related to Asperger’s Syndrome, email them to us at

Prior to submitting your story to the ASO’s blog please read and understand the following Blog Post Policy.

Blog Post Policy

Any “blog posts” submitted to the Asperger’s Society of Ontario become the property of the Asperger’s Society of Ontario.

Definition: A “blog post” is considered any story emailed to

Submission Guidelines

Posts should be submitted to the blog’s email address:

We will acknowledge receipt of your “blog post” within two weeks of its submission.

After acknowledging receipt of your “blog post” we will try to post your submission quickly; however, there may be times when it takes days or weeks to post depending on the availability of blog administrators.

If you have any questions feel free to email to us, but please allow a few days for response.

Story Content

As a general rule we will try to limit any editing of  blog posts. Under certain circumstances, however, editing may be necessary.

All blog posts must meet a set of basic requirements:

1)  Confidentiality is important. Blog posts should be free of any information that could identify subjects within a post including, but not limited to, last names and location of a subject’s employment or specific job title.

2) Posts must be free of profanity.

3) Posts should be between 200 and 1,000 words.

If any of these conditions are not met we reserve the right to either a) edit your post or b) reject your post.


7 Responses to “We’re starting a blog and want to hear from you!”

  1. Chery Morandin Says:

    I think this is a great idea! I live North of Toronto, in the town of Orangeville! My son, currently in Grade 11, learning to drive, through Young Driver’s of Canada, has Asperger’s, A,D,H,D., Learning Disabilities, and Mild Depression. He is doing SOOOO WELL in his life right now, and would love to help others, who may be in the same boat as myself, and may have struggled to get where my Son is today! It wasn’t easy!! Good Luck with this site/blog.

  2. Chery Morandin Says:

    How is it that my name is spelt wrong? Please fix it! The ‘L’ is missing in Cheryl. Do not post this, just fix it for me please…thanks!

  3. Cajol1 Says:

    HI.  I have a 11 yr old son and has Aspergers.  We live just north of Toronto (Vaughan) and would like to hear from other parents with kids of similar age so that we can learn more about how other parents are helping their kids fit in the society.  Thanks

  4. Soranai Says:

    Did anyone find the ideal school for their aspergers child? My son is 8. Thank you.

  5. Mountain Girl Says:

    there is a school in Aldershot called The Missing Link, it is for the wealthy. There is of course a web page with all the info needed. Some schools (primary grades) have an “AS” class so I have heard from another mum.

  6. Mountain Girl Says:

    There is a school in Aldershot, near Burlington called the Missing Link. There is a web page with all the info. Some schools (primary grades) have an “AS” class so I’ve heard from another mum. I live in a small town. My son has been attending the same school all of his life. He is in grade 7 now. They all know him, and hopefully now with his diagnosis they will better understand him. He hasn’t attended much this year. Last year he didn’t attend April through May. I managed to get him back for June so he could reconnect with his friends and hopefully ready him for grade 7 in Sept. It worked to an extent. For those of you who don’t know, The Board  will assign a teacher to do what is called in-home schooling for 1 hour a day for 5 weeks. My son didn’t learn anything, but his principal came and was wonderful with him.

  7. LeeAnneK Says:

    I would like to speak to other parents of teen/young adult children with AS.  My 18 year old son is in his first year of College but I worry for him.  Unlike elementary and high school, there is very little input or feedback you have with your children.  Do other parents have any ideas to ensure post secondary school success?

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